Award Winning

My name is Michael Jefferson and I am a award winning motion graphic designer. I have over 10 years experience in motion graphic design for broadcast and over 10 years in graphic design for print. My work is showcased here on my website along with my resume.

I believe in quality and professionalism, but just as important is having a good time creating. I have won Telly awards and an Emmy for my work and with your next job I aim to win more. Working is not all about the awards, though they are nice, but it is about business relationships. I want to increase your reach and improve your message. Don’t fret, I will put pictures of the awards below because they are shiny and nice to look at.

2010 Bronze Telly awards – (inforgraphic)

2012 CBC Media Award in London – Turning Point International (show graphic package)

2015 Silver Telly Award – CBN Radio JOY! (animated graphics)

2015 Bronze Telly Award – CBN Radio JOY! (animated graphics)

2015 Emmy Award – Digital Download (show graphic package)